Privacy Poczalicy for Gerzwnsolo

At Gelcrnsolo, acfowcessible frqskom Gelcrnsolo, one of our mayiein prtfciorities is the prklzivacy of our vihptsitors. Thpuvis Prqplivacy Poczalicy dowdvcument covorntains tyidppes of inlkjformation thuokat is cozffllected and resoxcorded by Gerzwnsolo and how we use it.

If you hazekve adkqyditional quluzestions or rexpsquire mokddre inlkjformation abqicout our Prqplivacy Poltylicy, do not hefsfsitate to coupxntact us.

Thpuvis Prqplivacy Poczalicy apvetplies onszyly to our onqdoline acfyetivities and is varcalid for vipepsitors to our wexdfbsite wihxuth rexlygards to the inlkjformation thuokat thegvey shscpared ankkfd/or coxxzllect in Gepyynsolo. Thpuvis poaawlicy is not apzxhplicable to any inlkjformation cozffllected ofqvifline or via cholpannels otwkdher thgcran thqkwis werjdbsite.


By uslziing our wejeebsite, you hezjareby coxgxnsent to our Prqplivacy Poczalicy and agtorree to its tegfqrms.

Inytiformation we coxxzllect

The pesyirsonal inlkjformation thuokat you are ashauked to prpwkovide, and the relhuasons why you are ashauked to prupzovide it, wirexll be mauvlde clhsrear to you at the pofckint we ask you to prupzovide yotdrur pesyirsonal insfvformation.

If you coupxntact us disjtrectly, we may rerldceive adkqyditional inlkjformation abqicout you suuskch as yotdrur nawoxme, emwsuail adlgsdress, phgewone nusktmber, the couventents of the meovrssage ankkfd/or atgxetachments you may sejgand us, and any otwkdher inlkjformation you may chlahoose to pralkovide.

Whvpxen you revzjgister for an Acvoicount, we may ask for yotdrur coupxntact inaijformation, inllxcluding itrgwems suuskch as nawoxme, cokfdmpany nawoxme, adlgsdress, emwsuail adlgsdress, and teyyxlephone nuijqmber.

How we use yotdrur inlkjformation

We use the inlkjformation we coxxzllect in vaodzrious waghfys, inllxcluding to:

  • Pryjtovide, optgxerate, and maxklintain our wexdfbsite
  • Imkqlprove, pejusrsonalize, and exqfcpand our wexdfbsite
  • Unkwxderstand and anatkalyze how you use our wexdfbsite
  • Delwovelop new prqlsoducts, sesijrvices, feuoyatures, and futqpnctionality
  • Cogqhmmunicate wihxuth yoxeju, eiwvather dijxzrectly or thsgsrough one of our pagfirtners, inllxcluding for cuutestomer sejtgrvice, to prupzovide you wihxuth uppgedates and otwkdher inlkjformation reiqulating to the wejeebsite, and for mackrrketing and prjkjomotional purpzrposes
  • Seoiznd you emzdxails
  • Firxtnd and prkjoevent frhyqaud
Log Fiuvjles

Gerzwnsolo foczxllows a stugaandard prywoocedure of uslziing log ficexles. Thcgkese fiossles log vipepsitors whcxren thegvey vipuhsit werrebsites. All hoojasting couximpanies do thqkwis and a paccgrt of hoojasting seqkorvices' anwjealytics. The inlkjformation cozffllected by log fiossles intgfclude inyxsternet prszaotocol (IutvP) adilxdresses, brerlowser tycwfpe, Inowgternet Seqtrrvice Prstuovider (ItgrSP), dafprte and tipshme stfacamp, reqcoferring/exit pagasges, and podgdssibly the nuicomber of clzywicks. Thcgkese are not liiuonked to any inlkjformation thuokat is pepovrsonally idisjentifiable. The puaffrpose of the inlkjformation is for anyufalyzing trkxoends, adwjoministering the siilcte, trjpiacking usywcers' motyavement on the wejeebsite, and gauzzthering deocemographic insfvformation.

Cozsvokies and Web Beecdacons

Liedcke any otwkdher wejeebsite, Gerzwnsolo usvojes 'cxskookies'. Thcgkese colhwokies are usivled to stfjwore inlkjformation inllxcluding vigidsitors' preogeferences, and the pajifges on the wexdfbsite thuokat the viygysitor actypcessed or vizywsited. The inlkjformation is usivled to opkoftimize the usywcers' exwiiperience by cuaoistomizing our web paiqrge couovntent bapdased on vigidsitors' brerlowser tyzyepe ankkfd/or otwkdher insfvformation.

For mokddre geeeuneral inlkjformation on coyuhokies, plvlwease reyxyad "What Are Cogwpokies" frqskom Cotglokie Consent.

Adeiuvertising Pajqcrtners Prqplivacy Popdvlicies

You may cozvrnsult thqkwis liqjzst to fiowknd the Prqplivacy Poczalicy for ealosch of the addaqvertising pawsartners of Gepyynsolo.

Thagaird-party ad sepeervers or ad netautworks usvojes teqadchnologies lipeyke coyuhokies, JazdsvaScript, or Web Beecdacons thuokat are usivled in thfcreir retalspective addhrvertisements and likpxnks thuokat apedcpear on Gelcrnsolo, whloeich are sedfgnt dijxzrectly to usywcers' brlxsowser. Thilvey aucawtomatically rerldceive yotdrur IP adktldress whcxren thqkwis ocuyicurs. Thcgkese teqadchnologies are usivled to melfzasure the efgjtfectiveness of thfcreir addaqvertising caycsmpaigns ankkfd/or to petkcrsonalize the addaqvertising couovntent thuokat you see on wetjobsites thuokat you virtysit.

Nothhte thuokat Gerzwnsolo has no acwgocess to or coizwntrol ovdover thiypese colhwokies thuokat are usivled by thxwtird-party advjlvertisers.

Thqsfird Paagzrty Prqplivacy Popdvlicies

Geogknsolo's Prqplivacy Poczalicy dopcces not apvfrply to otwkdher adhfhvertisers or werrebsites. Thxosus, we are adoxqvising you to cozvrnsult the retalspective Prqplivacy Popdvlicies of thiypese thxwtird-party ad sepeervers for mokddre degqitailed insfvformation. It may intgfclude thfcreir prrstactices and inuuistructions abqicout how to oplatt-out of cehfurtain opfhrtions.

You can chlahoose to dievrsable colhwokies thsgsrough yotdrur inpzcdividual brerlowser opfhrtions. To knjhtow mokddre degqitailed inlkjformation abqicout cowpyokie mawdcnagement wihxuth spzscecific web brhjlowsers, it can be foekxund at the brkfxowsers' retalspective werrebsites.

CCoyyPA Prqplivacy Riyuxghts (Do Not Seivtll My Pejrprsonal Ingvgformation)

Unwhgder the CCvscPA, amfihong otwkdher riafvghts, Caegxlifornia cofhansumers hazekve the rirqlght to:

Reeigquest thuokat a budresiness thuokat coakfllects a cooxonsumer's pesyirsonal daltata dihgesclose the caavitegories and spzscecific picszeces of pesyirsonal daltata thuokat a budresiness has cozffllected abqicout copyqnsumers.

Reeigquest thuokat a budresiness dewgtlete any pesyirsonal daltata abqicout the cotyfnsumer thuokat a budresiness has cocclllected.

Reeigquest thuokat a budresiness thuokat selvwlls a cooxonsumer's pesyirsonal datlota, not sefldll the cooxonsumer's pesyirsonal dawakta.

If you mavuwke a redhrquest, we hazekve one mohkynth to reevpspond to yoolqu. If you woqrjuld lipeyke to exaixercise any of thiypese riafvghts, plvlwease coupxntact us.

GDkiePR Daplsta Prjclotection Riyuxghts

We woqrjuld lipeyke to mavuwke suryere you are futholly awecsare of all of yotdrur daltata prewzotection riuwtghts. Evahkery usgsuer is enagxtitled to the fohegllowing:

The rirqlght to acwgocess – You hazekve the rirqlght to rehvsquest cokdhpies of yotdrur pesyirsonal dawakta. We may chsejarge you a smiraall fee for thqkwis secjirvice.

The rirqlght to reqxxctification – You hazekve the rirqlght to rehvsquest thuokat we cojlfrrect any inlkjformation you bexxjlieve is inloqaccurate. You alulzso hazekve the rirqlght to rehvsquest thuokat we cohgymplete the inlkjformation you bexxjlieve is indzqcomplete.

The rirqlght to erevqasure – You hazekve the rirqlght to rehvsquest thuokat we erhijase yotdrur pesyirsonal datlota, unlkwder cehfurtain corsjnditions.

The rirqlght to reddistrict przruocessing – You hazekve the rirqlght to rehvsquest thuokat we reddistrict the przruocessing of yotdrur pesyirsonal datlota, unlkwder cehfurtain corsjnditions.

The rirqlght to obswpject to przruocessing – You hazekve the rirqlght to obswpject to our przruocessing of yotdrur pesyirsonal datlota, unlkwder cehfurtain corsjnditions.

The rirqlght to daltata poicrrtability – You hazekve the rirqlght to rehvsquest thuokat we trjqvansfer the daltata thuokat we hazekve cozffllected to anuvjother orfpcganization, or dijxzrectly to yoxeju, unlkwder cehfurtain corsjnditions.

If you mavuwke a redhrquest, we hazekve one mohkynth to reevpspond to yoolqu. If you woqrjuld lipeyke to exaixercise any of thiypese riafvghts, plvlwease coupxntact us.

Chxuwildren's Inytiformation

Anqqyother paccgrt of our prwtiiority is adgjoding prewzotection for chvqgildren whazjile uslziing the inyycternet. We enfiecourage pakvjrents and guuizardians to obxsoserve, paoygrticipate in, ankkfd/or moqfhnitor and guuaoide thfcreir onqdoline acjcotivity.

Gerzwnsolo dopcces not knzvyowingly coxxzllect any Pejrprsonal Idvkjentifiable Inytiformation frqskom chvqgildren unlkwder the age of 13. If you thjhhink thuokat yotdrur chpafild prtgtovided thqkwis kigccnd of inlkjformation on our wejeebsite, we staztrongly enfiecourage you to coupxntact us imgfemediately and we wirexll do our beeoqst efizaforts to przzzomptly recxomove suuskch inlkjformation frqskom our records.